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Romain Pollet

Pianist / Assistant: Romain Pollet

Romain Pollet holds diplomas from the Conservatoire de Bordeaux in both piano and bassoon, as well as a Diplôme d’État Français, a Master’s Degree in performance and a D. Mus from Université de Montréal. In the past years, Romain was awarded several scholarships, including the D. Angers and P.M. & V.M. Gélinas for his piano performance degree.


Romain studied under various teachers : Jean-Philippe Guillo, Aurélie Forré and Jean-Marie Lamothe in Bordeaux, and Marc Durand and Martin Mangrum in Montreal. He had the pleasure to take part in several masterclasses with Jean-Claude Pennetier, Prisca Benoît, Claire Désert, Dalton Baldwin and many others. As part of his Doctorate in Music, Romain studied the repertoire of German lied and French mélodie and wrote a research on Liszt’s piano transcriptions of Schubert’s Müllerlieder, with Francis Perron as advisor. 

As a collaborative pianist, Romain Pollet is specialised in lyrical repertoire, which brings him to play with several artists in Canada, as well as internationally. He works with several choirs and joined in 2017 the team of the Camp musical du Saguenay. For the past few years, he has also been a part of the collaborative pianists team in the Canadian Vocal Arts Institute.

Romain joined the Orford Six pianos Ensemble in 2017. Formed by six closely knit pianists, this extraordinary ensemble proposes a variety of arrangements of well-known orchestral pieces and other oddities for six pianos.

Romain collaborates with Léa Moisan-Perrier at the choir Les voix parallèles de l’école de musique Vincent d’Indy and at the Chœur des enfants de Montréal.

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